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When does the train run?

The train runs every Sunday from medio June to medio September between Garnes and Midttun outside of Bergen. 

See our timetable for more information.

Where does the journey start?

The journey starts at Garnes station. If you visit Bergen and don't have the option to drive, it will be easier to travel from Arna old station. This station is not manned but our trains stop here. This station is within walking distance of Vy local train service to Arna new station. Please visit the Vy web site for more information about timetables. When using the local service remember to buy your ticket from the ticket vending machines before boarding the train. 

Arna old station - The Old Voss Steam Railway Museum

Arna new station - Vy

What is Bergen Heritage Tour?

Bergen Heritage Tour is a fantastic offering in Bergen, offering you a unique and exciting tour of Bergen’s most stunning scenery, and a journey back in time to the golden age of travel. The tour is offered medio June to medio August.

The tour includes travel with the steam train, beautifully restored heritage buses and the graceful steamship Stord I. She was built for Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskipsselskap at Laxevaag Maskin & Jernskipsbyggeri in 1913, and was in service for the company until 1969. It was restored between 1981 and 2013. The first of the buses that operate on the roundtrip was delivered in 1962 to Bergen Hardanger Billag. The bus went into service in the Bergen area and corresponded with local train services to Garnes and Voss. The second bus was delivered to Sogn Billag in 1979 and transported passengers from Vik i Sogn to the train in Voss. Veteranbusslaget acquired the first bus in 1992, the other one in 2005.

For more information on the tour visit Bergen Tourist Boards homepage. Tickets for the tour can be purchased at

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Is it possible to park at the stations?

There is free parking at Garnes Station. See details on map.

How much does the train journey cost?

You can find more information about ticket prices here.

We offer tickets for adults, and children 4-16 years. Children 0-3 years is transported free of charge. Prices for senior citizen is the same as prices for adults. No fee for baby carriages and bicycles.

Where do we buy tickets?

There is no need to book in advance. There is normally seats available for all travellers. Tickets can be purchased at Garnes station before departure or at the ticket conductor onboard the train.

We accept reservations for groups of 12 persons or more, see more information here.

Are there a kiosk at the station and onboard?

We offer a station kiosk at Garnes Station. Here you can buy souvenirs and a variety of snacks, ice cream, cooled beverages and hot dogs. Onboard our waiters will be selling coffee, soft drinks and snacks from our trolleys. 

Can I bring my dog?

All kind and well-behaved dogs are welcome onboard There is no additional cost. The dog will need to rest on the floor during the journey and not be a nuisance to fellow travelers.